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Front Cover of Animal Alphabet

Your interest in our products is truly appreciated and we always look forward to sharing our love of art, history and nature.

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It all started with a commission to a local artist in Chicago with a plan  to create fine art coloring books. The intention was to help coordinate gift shop marketing and offerings with the permanent exhibits of the museum. Little did they know, that small set of original books became the vision for generations using fine art to teach.


Our line of educational products still delight kids today with timeless fun and help developmental progress such as predictive outcomes, eye-hand coordination, therapeutic relaxation, coloring therapy, growth mindset  and attention regulation.

Spizzirri has grown to three related companies creating books, printing and websites,  that all serve the same mission of providing creative services with superior graphics, visionary  copy and a commitment to quality.

We also want to provide a little old fashioned customer service to the marketing industry and help insure the future of educational products, creative process development and both tactile & digital books place in our modern culture.

Learning through story and experimental focus is still a cornerstone of reaching and developing education systems..

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